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Katie | Wedding Assistant | Team Ashley

Hellooooo! My name is Katie. I am a simple, compassionate goofball who values God, family, and making fun of myself. I am an art therapist by profession but have always had a hobby and passion for photography. Art is something that has been with me since childhood, and I believe I have always looked at the world a little differently. I find it therapeutic and natural being behind a camera. It challenges me to seek out the "extra" in the "ordinary" and keeps me reminded and thankful of God's love. My main goal is making a difference doing what I love alongside a team with the same values, and I know that is what the SEP team does every day. 
Coming from a bride's perspective, I can tell you first hand that this team ROCKS! Let me give a little back story... 
Once upon a time I met this stud who I'd later be blessed to call my husband. We stumbled across SEP while planning our wedding and immediately fell in love with the team. The unwelcome rain and pending hurricane on our special day didn't even faze this crew! This team is made up of a group of professional yet refreshingly light-hearted and down-to-earth individuals that truly love what they do and make every effort to capture timeless moments of your special day. 
My faith and spirituality are a major part of who I am, and I truly believe that God brought me to SEP for a much larger purpose than my own wedding. Little did I dream that one day I would call myself a SEP girl, and I am beyond excited to start this journey!