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Happy Life

appy Life..... 
It's somehow kind of turned into my life motto... in fact, it's even on my license plate.  
I'm not even sure how it started -- I just know that once I met Chase, my entire life seemed a little brighter... a little happier. 
The petty things didn't matter as much and I began appreciating the smaller things in life... I owe a lot of who I've become to Chase. He really has made me a better woman.  
Growing up, I always imagined myself as a life coach... a counselor... a therapist... a teacher.... I imagined myself in some sort of career that helped others.  
When I graduated college with a degree in Counseling + Law - I envisioned myself furthering my education in Counseling and becoming either a Marriage Counselor or a Life Coach. I also took independent studies in Juvenile Delinquency and did internships where I was a teen court coordinator for the City of Fayetteville and where I also monitored juveniles on house arrest.... 
I've always been drawn to others who struggle... who have a STORY.... and I don't think I've ever actually said that out-loud..  
I have a passion for helping others... and I hate to see someone struggling... I hate to see someone trying so desperately to stay afloat..  
I am EXTREMELY empathetic... almost to the point where I carry other people's burdens... thankfully, I've found some really great mechanisms to protect myself from having this happen -- but I can imagine if I hadn't... I'd be swallowed up in a puddle of other people's issues and struggles because of how empathetic I am.  
I believe that a few of my gifts are encouragement, insight and understanding. I feel as though I can understand most people... I'm usually never biased and can always see both sides of a scenario - even if I'm involved. I'm able to put feelings aside... and I don't hold grudges.  
I also believe that I have endured some pretty heavy things in my life so that God could build me to understand others and help them overcome things...  
Do you know how many years it has taken me to figure out these gifts.... I was always told I believed too highly of people -- looked at life with rose colored glasses -- and was too sensitive. 
But those things were not flaws of mine...even though for years, I thought they were. They were gifts. and I'm so thankful to have figured that out. 
I do think highly of people -- I see potential in everyone... and I definitely tend to see the best in others which allows me to encourage them.... I do look at life with rose colored glasses -- I believe in fighting to be happy and looking on the brighter side of things, I believe we can learn from every hiccup and set back... which allows me to really find purpose and understanding in every situation.... and you know, I may be sensitive but it is such a blessing to be able to FEEL what other people are feeling -- even if they don't even realize it yet. It has allowed me to truly help other people (by God's grace) who may not have the gift of understanding... I'm able to help them put words to things they may not be able to. 
So what in the world does all of this mean?!?! I'm just a photographer right - why am I not just sharing photos?!?! No... I'm so much more than that and this blog is so much more than just photos.... I've spent the last couple of years trying to figure out where I wanted my blog to go... I know that I'm NOT ABLE (at all... no way) to write a blog post JUST to share content.. I can't.. I physically cannot. So it's really been weighing on my heart about 'blog topics' that I could write about that MATTER..... 
I do want to start sharing more about how you can have a Happy Life too.... and a Happy Marriage... .because those are things that mean so much to me... I love chatting with others about things that matter. If you know me at all, you know that I hate small talk.... and I'd rather just get down to it... and that's what we'll be doing with these new Happy Life blog posts!!! I'm hoping to share some encouragement... insight... and understanding on life issues that really matter to me.