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Workshop on the Farm | Waverly, Virginia

t all started... with a camera club.... and a couple of girls who thought they knew what they were doing.... years later - it's more than just a 'club'..... 
This Workshop is held at Jennifer's Farm in Waverly, Virginia..... We sit on hay-bales, drink sweet tea and eat home-made cookies.... We talk camera, take pictures and give hugs!!!! All in the hopes that some of the knowledge that Jennifer and I have learned through the years will help other enthusiasts learn a little easier than we did.. 
Jennifer and I both taught ourselves how to operate our cameras.... run a business... and edit pictures. We had no one to ask questions... except each other - but like I mentioned, it's hard to help each other when you have no idea what you're doing. Because of this, last year - she and I decided to start helping others through workshops... we figured if we could at least help a few people, at least they wouldn't have to struggle and make the same mistakes we made.  
Yesterday was our biggest group yet - we had about 20 participants... I can't express just how AWESOME it feels to have so many people trusting us to teach them.... indescribable!  
Here are some of the outtakes!!!! If you are interested in signing up for a future workshop, please use the Contact Form and shoot me a message!!!!  
Trying a new perspective!
LOL at the girls who are actually cheesing for this picture!
hahaha - this is Tiffany's cute photo-stance!
Wheat field - creeping!
A HUGE thank you to our models - Charles and Ashley!!!!!!
Thanks to Jennifer for this iphone picture!!!! We were hanging out before the class!
Thanks to Chrissy for grabbing these shots!!! =)
Chrissy's Dad was letting me know that I always stand with my hands on my hips!!!!
That is an intense camera face!