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Jessica + Anthony Classic Mountain Wedding | Forest, Virginia

alk about a beautiful... classic wedding... Jessica + Anthony's day was just that... despite the 30* dreary day -- everything was SO perfect and beautiful!!!! I love how simple and elegant the details were.... West Manor Estate was the perfect backdrop for their wedding -- overlooking the mountains... the ceremony space... GAH! Everything was so beautiful!!!

I seriously could've photographed the bouquets ALL day!!! SO beautiful!
The first look!!! Anthony looking handsome!
They are precious!
These natural moments are what fuel my inspiration!
SO many beautiful colors that day -- oranges, reds, yellows!
Can we all just take a second...... to look at the ceremony space!
The view from the alter!
He is definitely excited -- fist pumping!
Loving these candids!
A beautiful bunch of girls!
LOL... I LOVE this!
And now for us to take a second to just look at the reception area..... STUNNING!!!!
Okay... SO.... I seriously did spend a LOT of time taking pictures of the cake.... lol
A favorite!
I love that they sat with everyone!!!
And then we snuck outside for this gorgeous sunset!
So beautiful!
I may be one of the only photographers who feel this way... but I actually really love the toasts... the toasts were one of my favorite parts of my own wedding too!!!
There's just so much emotion!!!! Let's call this one the -- cry and laugh face!
And then..... Lotssss of dancing!
And sad faces!
And sweet dance moves!