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Chase | That Booth Guy

Let's just get down to it.... I'm a man of few words - at least that's what my wife says, so this is a little difficult for me. I'm Chase, I was born and raised in small town Smithfield, Virginia. 
I am your typical small-town-gentleman (my wife tells me that too) and our town is surrounded by rivers | creeks | swamps so it will likely come to no surprise to tell you that hunting is a huge passion of mine.... duck hunting specifically. I love being out on the water, even in the middle of winter - rain, snow, sleet, feet frozen, face red... it's what I love. 
Outside of hunting you can find me spending time with those I love most, it's something I value most important in life.  
I'm a simple man and I don't need much to keep me happy -- give me a good hunting season, three helpings of dinner, and my friends and family.... and I'm happy. 
I take that back... four helpings of dinner and a beer.