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Emily | Second Shooter | Team Sharon

So who is the Emily person??  
I'm simple really; I am a mother to two beautiful twin girls... a wife to an amazing husband who loves and supports my passions.. I have two fur babies!!! OHHHH and by the way.. I am a HUGE dog lover.. hehe I can literally spot a dog a mile away - not really but you get the picture ?? so if your wedding has a doggy best believe I'm going to be in heaven!!  
I think to understand why I'm passionate about photography... about love - you need to hear about my story... my 'simple' love story.  
In 2012 I married my best friend; he has been there for me through everything. We've known each other since Middle School, never anything more than friends. I remember the first time I truly noticed him.... we were in our Wednesday night church group playing dodgeball when he launched a ball directly towards my head.... I was on the sidelines - so either he has really good aim or really bad aim... After knocking me down - he ran over asking me if I was okay.. the entire night he stayed by my side to be sure....  
Did I mention that he gave me a concussion.... Yeh... he did.. but it was that night that I fell in love with him. How many people can say that they fell in love after their now husband gave them a concussion?  
As life would have it - we headed down different paths for a while... But like most happily ever afters - we soon found each other again and have been inseparable ever since.  
I remember our wedding day; it was raining cats and dogs! We had to finish up all the final touches for our OUTSIDE wedding and I was so nerve wrecked and worried about the rain..... and if it was going to be perfect.... if it was even going to happen! I remember stressing so much I was so nauseous - in true bride's fashion.... But on July 21st 2012... in the rain... and despite the thunder -- we got married outside... and it was perfect, because I was marrying the man of my dreams; the man who put me above all, the man who spoiled me to no end; who did anything in the world for me. I was marrying my true best friend!  
I remember walking down the aisle with my father on my arm and just looking at the man I was going to marry! Nothing else mattered; not the rain, not the stress or worry. That feeling; that moment; his smile; his tears; that is what I love most about weddings - it's what I loved most about my own! I love seeing the groom's reaction... for me that moment took away all the worry and all the nerves.... just by seeing him.  
And after four years of waiting.. God opened our hearts even more to two little angels.. Amelia and Elizabeth.. That story is a totally different story in itself.. but after having them.. all I have ever wanted to do is take pictures.. freeze their smiles.. freeze their moments.. and thats what I want to do for weddings! Lifes moments go by so quickly - and some we don't even notice.. but having captured those memories forever makes me love photography even more!!  
I am apart a BEAUTIFUL team.. these girls (and photo booth guy hehe) are like family to me!! We have a great time.. we laugh.. we play.. we capture your wedding how its ment to be.. we love our job - because in all honesty it's not really a job when you have fun doing it! ?? I cannot wait to capture your love story!!!!