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Jeannette's Bridal Session

Keeping these images private = torture... I have been dying to share these the second I pressed my shutter button... Jeannette is incredibly poised, graceful and completely gorgeous - this session was beyond beautiful. I love these photos. Sheesshhhh!!! 
She's in Paris on her honeymoon right now... of course right... I can't imagine her going anywhere else!!! Gah!!! Leave her some love below for when she gets back!!! <3
Makeup Kim Smith
Hair Tricia of Animare

This dress is... WOW.
The Woman's Club of Portsmouth is hands down one of my favorite places to shoot... and yes - I give my bride's discounts if they have their wedding there... just saying!!! I love it THAT much!
I mean really.. look at the sparkles on the wall!!!
Who says you can't shoot with sunlight on your face.... Stunning.. with sparkles and all!
And then we headed outdoors to finish up the session!!!! So beautiful!
Soft.. creamy.... sunset light..... I die.
That bokeh.... her dress... that face...
Look at her.... she needs to be in a magazine!
A little behind the scenes!!! Jeannette's sister - Ashley - aka Miss Montana (hehehe) was there to help fluff the dress, fix the hair and be an awesome sister!!!!
She even carried the dress!!!!!