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Ashley | Associate Photographer

Hey I'm Ashley and I just really wanted to tell you a little bit about myself. My roots are planted right here in Isle of Wight County. My children and I love being close to family and Sundays are a ritual of cookouts and sports all year around. I'm pretty sure life just wouldn't be the same without buffalo chicken dip and football! I'm the only girl out of us four children and although I'm used to hanging with the guys I absolutely love fashion! I think fashion is fun... and if you need someone to chat about and all other sorts of details... I'm your girl!!!  
I've been with Sharon Elizabeth Photography for four years now and an Associate for three of those years. Over the years, I have grown, evolved, built some lifelong friendships and genuinely found myself in my work. In between the friendships I've made with my team and the lifelong relationships I've made with our clients and friends...I've found this passion of mine. As a wedding and lifestyle photographer I get to see so many monumental changes in your life.... And I couldn't be more blessed to do so. I understand beginnings and appreciating your journey. I know what it's like to love... to have lost...and I still find the beauty in everything life brings my way. The love stories that I witness prove to me that everyone's journey is special. Every single moment of your life has brought you right where you are today...isn't that amazing?! 
If you think my job is to show up and just snap pictures of everything you do during the will probably be disappointed. But...if you see me hiding in the bushes or shooting through a bouquet of flowers you can trust that my creativity is flowing and I am totally capturing the best photographs to help you remember your day. I crave different, creative, and images that tell a story. If that's what you are looking for too...then I just might be able to help you with that!!!! 
I'm super thankful you took the time to read about me...I'd love to meet and chat about YOU!  
Thanks for checking us out!