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knew that I wanted my wedding business to be a little different.... I didn't want my brides being surprised with who they were going to have on the wedding day... I wanted to have a second shooter... not hire different second shooters. This was VERY important to me... I wanted this person to become a part of my brand... my business... and be long term. Almost 3 years ago - I...  View This Post >
November 10, 2014

The box

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y special daughter. I'm sure I'll do my best to fight back the tears.... My hands will be a little more weary as I try to zip your dress. You'll be the most radiant you've ever been.... And I'll still be wondering what I ever did to deserve you. I'll hug you so tight... I'll kiss your cheeks like I did when you were small enough to fit in my arms... And I'll...  View This Post >
October 27, 2014

Today is the day....

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isclaimer: this is a personal blog post...... about personal things....... So I think today is the day... the day that I've been dreading... remember... I told you... I'm a dreader It's been a difficult.... but an AMAZING journey... I would say that there have been times that I've wanted to even give up... but I can't... even in the hardest of times... I haven't...  View This Post >
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he term 'rockstar' is used very often in our photo industry... 'rockstar photographer' if you will.... Usually this photographer is widely known in the photo world... travels often... speaks at conventions.. among many other things considered 'rockstarish'.... I am not a rockstar photographer.... and I genuinely do not wish to become one. I think these rockstar photogs are...  View This Post >
October 15, 2014

Serve him

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hase and I have a pretty good relationship -- people always joke about how we're perfect... and if something ever happened with us that the world must be ending... That fills my heart... and it also makes me laugh... It hasn't been 'easy' for us... and we're certainly not perfect... We've actually had a pretty rough road... Most people don't know this -- but our first...  View This Post >
October 6, 2014


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I want Saturday morning cartoons and Sunday morning breakfast.... like fill up your entire dining room table - have to sit on the sofa... kind of breakfast. I want evening walks on Monday and endless popcorn and movies on Tuesday. I want a random trip to Walmart on Wednesday -- just to get ice cream and diapers. I want thirty minutes alone on Thursday to paint my nails or soak in a...  View This Post >
September 18, 2014

What we do

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ometimes... and usually only because of something someone says... I struggle with my 'importance' in this life... as a "photographer"... and if you know anything about me -- you should know that my importance and my purpose.. are both extremely important to who I am... and how I live. As a photographer.... I totally get the value and importance of what I do... but sometimes I...  View This Post >
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teve... 41 years young... and has Cerebral Palsy... But.. that's not who he is... Steve walked into Anytime Fitness and said he wanted to lift... so Manager/Trainer Chris put him on a tough training schedule.... When Chris and Steve jumped out of the truck for pictures -- the first thing I asked Steve was if Chris was yelling at him and being a smartass. I trained with...  View This Post >
September 2, 2014

A tendency

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So I've always had a tendency to always think about the next day... or what I have to do next... It's pretty much a curse - honestly. I have trouble falling asleep at night because I'm constantly creating lists for my lists in my head. When I was younger, I had to keep a piece of paper by my bed, so that I could write out EVERYTHING I was thinking about.. and if I woke up in the...  View This Post >
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hen did we get to this point of accepting the... "well you can just photoshop that out".... phrase!?!?! I am SO tired of hearing this at sessions and weddings... and I'm so tired of saying it myself.... You are beautiful... Your nose looks just fine..... Your waist does not need to be smaller..... Those flabby arms were perfect enough to hold your beautiful new...  View This Post >
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