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August 4, 2015

From the journal

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've had this journal entry sitting in my admin panel three months... sometimes I just write for myself and never actually share things.. September 2014 Be quiet. He talks in whispers. What are you hearing in the whispers? Be intentional. God will supply everything. Become less in control so that God can take over. Leave room for Him. Leave room for His...  View This Post >
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t's crazy to say that I've been doing this for 7 years now.. and I can assure you that I've made mistakes along the way...but being able to really assess myself/business and grow from those mistakes have enabled me to continue putting food on the table year after year... Over the years, I've learned how to really streamline communication with my clients and ensure that we're on the...  View This Post >
April 16, 2015

What's new

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ow!!!! How is it already the middle of April already!?!?! That is INSANE. So many amazing things have been going on... other than having bronchitis and so kindly sharing it with Ava and Chase.. whoops. Life has been pretty sweet!!!! So what's new with me... and with Sharon Elizabeth Photography..?!?!?!? 1. I am coaching softball and we are currently 8-0 -- undefeated!!!...  View This Post >
February 27, 2015

Weight Loss Secrets

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oly messages!!! Just from my last weight loss before and after post and sharing an updated before/after yesterday -- the messages are rolling in... The messages range anywhere from.... Great job. What AREN'T you eating? What are you doing in the gym? What are your secrets? To... Will you train me? So I thought MAYBEEEE it might help if I post some of my 'secrets'...  View This Post >
February 23, 2015

Little things

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just read an email from a friend and it sparked something in me... so can I just tell you something.... What you're doing matters.... It doesn't matter how far along you are in your journey... no matter WHAT your journey is The little steps you take to be BETTER... to spread your light on someone else.. is a big deal. It really is a big.... deal. Sometimes we...  View This Post >
February 16, 2015


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ast night I grabbed Chase by the face and squeezed really hard.. probably uncomfortably hard... sometimes I just get into what I call 'squeezy moods' -- where I just want to squeeze the crap out of something cute... this time it happened to be his face.... I planted a big smooch on his mouth and told him. I appreciate you. And then I walked away. ------------------ I...  View This Post >
January 22, 2015

Ava Lynn

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y sweet little Bean... people told me that you would change things... between the laughs and the warnings I could tell the context was along the lines of ruining my life... that YOU would ruin my life. They told me I wouldn't sleep... and that I'd never have my body back. Some even wished 'ill' on my body. They told me that my marriage might suffer and that we'd never have...  View This Post >
January 9, 2015

Before and After

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hm.... I can't believe I'm about to post this.... Like.. I may even throw up a little... AH!!! No forreal.... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! So... since high-school... I've been a gym-goer... I played three sports in high-school.. went on to play college softball for a while... even after college I joined co-ed softball teams and women's leagues... coached a few teams even at a University in...  View This Post >
January 1, 2015

What worked....

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hhh... it's 2015.. How is that EVEN possible... So at the end of the year - one of my favorite blog posts to look through from other photogs is the 'behind the scenes' blog post.... I feel like you can really get a feel for who these photogs are!!! I think you'll see that us girls behind SEP... love to eat... love to make terrible faces... and just love to laugh!!! We always...  View This Post >
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